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Picos de Europa National Park, Spain

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These are still so funny to me.

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If I could rewind a little bit I would. Lately it feels like everything and everyone is slipping through my fingers & I can’t trust anyone like I used to. I don’t know what I’m doing or what I want to do or who I want to be seen as. Maybe I’m being dramatic because I get so lonely at night, but I want some new scenery. 

Also I know everyone says you make your own happiness and whatnot, but what if you don’t know what makes you happy?

Really wanting some friends these days. Not trying to sound mopey-just genuinely wish I was better at making/keeping friends.


now they’re engaged and having a baby together

What I really want

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Here’s a sappy post about how we went to The Dismals yesterday & I had a lot of fun. It also helped me with this “I’ve wasted my whole summer” feeling.


The Graduate (1967)


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I just want first kisses over & over and I’m so sick of lukewarm crap and worrying and doubt.


Alexa Chung and RJ King

She’s living the dream, like look at him

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Title: Tougher Than The Rest Artist: Bruce Springsteen 259 plays


Can I make a playlist of songs I wish a boy would give to me/ think about me when they listen to said songs/ sing to me?

#1 Tougher Than the Rest- Bruce Springsteen

(Will most likely make an actual playlist. Stay tuned.)

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Taxi Driver


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